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May 28 2013 12:20 PM | Gulf Marine Contracting FZE
Gulf Marine Contracting (GMC) FZE has developed and carried out extensive range of operations and services supporting the onshore, offshore and land development projects on a country wide...
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Snr Dive Technicians Required

Apr 23 2014 01:44 PM | hsse68
Hughes Sub Surface Eng requires Snr dive technicians for works in the UK working on a DP 2 vessel, with immediate effect for up & coming projects in the offshore renewable sector, can...
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Apr 18 2014 12:01 PM | NHC
The National Hyperbaric Centre is opening an office in Singapore to provide subsea-related Training, Consulting, Diving/ROV Technical support and senior industry personnel for specialist ...
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Oct 08 2013 09:53 AM | Unique Hydra
Unique Hydra, a Unique Maritime Group (UMG) company which is one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers recently delivered the largest single ord...
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Chambers Oceanics Sells 2 x Sat Systems in 3 we...

Jul 22 2013 10:35 AM | Chambers Oceanics
Chambers Oceanic's Ltd ...Sells 2 x Sat systems within 3 period

Chambers Oceanic's continues its growth as a world wide supplier of commercial diving equipment,
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Frog Spit keeps working divers' view clear

Jun 12 2013 10:53 AM | EmmaH
A new anti-fog formula which needs no rising or buffing is now available, ideal for keeping divers’ helmets clear while they work.

The new formula, Frog Spit, is available th...
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James Fisher acquires Divex Limited

Mar 07 2013 12:49 PM | Divex
International diving equipment technology company Divex are pleased to advise that late on the 5th Ma...
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Divex recruiting for a Training Instructor

Feb 15 2013 04:09 PM | Divex
Divex are looking for an experienced Diver/Senior Diving Technician. This individual will have a sound knowledge of diving equipment and training experience and the ability to undertake ...
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Divex launches COBRA

Feb 07 2013 10:29 AM | Divex
Divex have launched their new rebreather – COBRA. The COBRA (COmpact Bailout Rebreathing Apparatus) set has been designed to be as simple as possible t...
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Analox launches the new HYP

Jan 31 2013 12:12 PM | EmmaH
Analox Sensor Technology has launched a new oxygen monitor, ideal for operation at partial pressure.

The HYP O2 provides fast and accurate monitoring of oxygen (O2) content, ...
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AMS keeps divers safe as they film giant squid

Jan 25 2013 10:24 AM | EmmaH
Analox Military Systems (AMS) has supplied gas analysis equipment to an ambitious project which has provided the first ever film footage of a giant squid in its natural habitat.
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Analox launch is first for HBOT industry

Aug 02 2012 08:57 PM | EmmaH
Analox Sensor Technology has launched the first dual gas portable monitor for the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) industry which can be used both inside and outside the chamber.
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Analox launches IMCA-compliant dual gas analyser

Jul 25 2012 11:04 AM | EmmaH
Analox Sensor Technology has launched a new panel-mounted gas analyser which is ideal for IMCA-compliant surface supplied dive operations.

The new ADM Aspida is a panel-moun...
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Working together to promote training and safety

Jun 13 2012 09:41 AM | EmmaH
Analox Sensor Technology is working alongside the Association of Scuba Service Engineers and Technicians (ASSET) to promote improved training for those who fill breathing gas cylinders an...
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Raising awareness of the dangers of confined sp...

Mar 08 2012 10:06 AM | EmmaH
Analox Sensor Technology is calling for increased awareness of the potential dangers to anyone whose job requires them to work in confined spaces.

Analox Sensor Technology sp...
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New ADCI President Elected

Jan 27 2012 05:19 PM | Mark Longstreath
Mike Brown Vice President Epic Divers has been elected as President of the ADCI at the ADCI Meeting during Underwater Intervention. Congratulations Mike.

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Convenient online payment launched by Analox

Jan 17 2012 11:52 AM | EmmaH
Analox Group is now offering all its clients the opportunity to pay invoices online – whatever time of the day or night is most convenient.

Continued development of Analox Gr...
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Making accessing technical support easier - 24/7

Jan 16 2012 09:54 AM | EmmaH
In November 2011, Analox Sensor Technology launched a 24 hour support service for Dive Support Vessels (DSV). Now the company is making it more accessible by printing the support telepho...
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Guide to Hypergas MkII training courses at Unde...

Jan 12 2012 12:21 PM | EmmaH
Analox Sensor Technology is offering visitors to Underwater Intervention 2012 an introduction to the Hypergas MkII Training Course.

Simon Lunt of Analox Sensor Technology wil...
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Extended shelf life for Hyper-Gas MkII manifold

Dec 08 2011 10:13 AM | EmmaH
From 1st January, 2012, Analox Sensor Technology will offer an extended shelf life of 18 months for its Hyper-Gas MkII manifold.

This development will enable distributors to...
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Get in the festive mood – tickle a snorkelling ...

Nov 29 2011 03:18 PM | EmmaH
The festive fun officially starts on Thursday, 1st December with Analox’s ‘12 Dives of Christmas’ giving you 12 chances to be a winner.

And who could resist the temptatio...
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Analox launches 24/7 techical support for comme...

Oct 31 2011 10:25 AM | EmmaH
Analox Sensor Technology launches a 24 hour support service for Dive Support Vessels (DSV) on November 1st, 2011.

As well as 24 hour telephone support, Analox continues to ...
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IMCA Publications Available for Download

Jul 27 2011 04:32 AM | Mark Longstreath
IMCA publications containing guidance are now available for downloading free of charge, making key documents more widely available.

The full list of such documents is set out...
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Amron to stock spare manifolds to Hyper-Gas MkII

Apr 04 2011 07:27 AM | EmmaH
Analox Sensor Technology has confirmed that Amron International, a master distributor in the USA, will stock a spare manifold for the Analox Hyper-Gas MkII, available for delivery within ...
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Seamec III - Back to India

Mar 27 2011 07:34 PM | Mark Longstreath
Following completion of drydocking at Dubai Drydocks, Seamec's DSV, Seamec III, is performing sea trials off Dubai. The vessel is due to sail out to India next week to carry out a wor...
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